Wednesday, June 8, 2011

girly pink dresser

I don't even know what to say!! I LOVE this dresser so so so much! It was originally made by Basset furniture and is incredibly sturdy and beautiful. I hand painted it this yummy pink color and the distressed it and topped in with an oil based polyurethane. I also kept most of the original hardware but painted it cream to change it up a little bit, added two crystal knobs for character and  wala! was done. It measures 58"long, 33"tall and 19"deep.  If you LOVE it and gotta have it call me at
480-298-0715 or email me at Thank so much!

P.S. I will have a Giveaway coming up this week with The Beauty stay tuned!


  1. this has got to be the most adorable dresser I have ever seen!! I love your blog! I am pretty new to the blogging world.. but let me know if you have a page on facebook. I recently started a business making girl's accessories && would love to link our pages up! ~

  2. I am in love! I love all your work. I want to learn how to do this. :)

  3. That is amazing! Can you please come to Kentucky and refinish ALL of my furniture!

  4. Ha! i was just looking on craigslist for dressers and saw this one and thought it was so cute!!! Then looked at your blog and was not surprised it was yours :-) You are awesome! I would love to have this, but don't think pink will go with my room. next time you find a dresser like this I will pay you to paint it for me. Your awesome!

  5. That may be the most drool-worthy thing on the planet. Just saying. :)