Friday, July 29, 2011

chalck board door

I have another one!! This is a beautiful blue chalck board door that was glazed and topped with polyurethane. I distressed it and added the fun knob hook and scrolll!! I thought this could also be cute in a bathroom with a hand towel on it and a night time check list written in chalk (ie brush teeth, wash face) cute right? Well whatever you decide to do, it is sure to add some shabby chic charm to your home!!
It measures 18" wide and 79" tall and I am asking $85 for it! If you love it call me at 480-298-0715 or email me at bennettjade Thanks

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

temple picture

Here is an amazing little treat brought to you by the AMAZING She is litterally a genius and takes all kinds of beautiful photographs (so go check out her blog right now) but today she is offering you this picture of the Mesa Temple to you alll! (see the bottom of the post for measurements and details.) She is asking $200 so as usual if you love it and gotta have it email me at or call me at 480-298-0715! Thanks

20x30 Mesa Arizona Temple Print with Custom frame

Moulding is a chunky 7" wide

Making the complete frame and print 43 1/2 inches long and 33 1/2 inches tall and 3 inches deep. it's a beast!

Frame was painted black and then teal. we distressed it to let the black show through and then added a dark glaze. finished off by a coat of polyurathane.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

secretary desk

I am asking $120 for this dreamy little antique secretary desk!! Loving the mustard gold right now!
(see details at bottom of the post)
If you love it and have to have it call me at 480-298-0715 or email me at

This is a beautiful little secretary desk with a glass hutch on top. It opens to a little desk with two small droors on either side. The hutch has an adjustable shelf for fun accesorries. I used beautiful missed matched knobs, two crystal ones on the top and a black and cream ceramic one on the big droor. This piece is hand painted a mustard gold and then aged with an antique tabacco colored glaze. Lightly distressed and topped with polyurethane.

It measures 26 1/2" tall to the desk height, 18"deep at the desk, 8 1/2" deep on the hutch, the hutch is 22" tall and the entire piece is 54" tall from floor to top.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The secret to our enduring brand lies in delivering an experience rather than just a collection of products and services.

                                                         Harley-Davidson Annual Report

Friday, July 8, 2011

fun find friday: busy bee

Before and After
I figured since I was a completely irresponsible blogger today and swam with a good friend of mine who was in town instead of snap some pics of my next fun find(next week I will show is a good one) I could do a fun before and after of a custom dresser I just did for a client!
Hope you enjoy!

Friday, July 1, 2011

fun find friday

Noun: Fabric made using an Indonesian decorative technique in which warp or weft threads, or both, are tie-dyed before weaving. 
My defenition: yummy yummy!
This fabric looks good with everything! It works with florals, plads, stipes, name it and it looks good with Ikat. It is a great way to add some deapth and visual interest to the style you already have going on in your home!

This little beauty was actually a discoverd by my friend Jessica. She wanted it for her house and when she got it home it didn't work!! (yay for me...sorry Jess) She found it at DI for 20 BUCKS! I fell in love the moment I saw it....didn't you?

I have to confess though, that the first time I heard of Ikat was on my all time favorite show Sarah's Summer House. She used it on pillows in two of her rooms and I couldn't believe I had lived this long with out knowing about it!
 Sarah's guest room

                          This little beauty is by all means the exact defenition of Ikat                and white will always make my jaw drop!

 Is Ikat the new damask??????
I think it might be for me....what do you think?