Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Black distressed dresser


This is a gorgeous dresser That was hand painted a jet black underneath and then topped with a coat of black suede (using two different colors alows for a more unique look when distressing it:)) It has 8 droors and its original hardware repainted in a metalic silver and then glazed black on top. The dresser was then hand distressed aroung the edges and topped with polyurethane. This dresser would be perfect in  a master bedroom or in any room of your house that needs some extra droor space:)

It measures 62"long 31"tall and 18"deep.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

black entertainment center

I love this piece and want to keep it all for myself!!! But I already have an entertainment center and it wasn't quite as cheap as this... so to my despair I am offering it to all of you out there who are in need of a place to stick that big old TV of yours! I did however stage this piece a little for you so you could get the idea of how functional it would be in your home. The shelves below the TV also have a hole cut out in the back of them so you can put your DVR box or DVD player on it and still plug it into the wall. This piece is extremely well made and sturdy. I hand painted it a beautiful black and then lightly distressed it around the edges and topped it with 3 coats of polyurethane. I am asking $395 and it measures 96"long, 22" deep and 28"tall. The shelf part in the middle measures 12"deep and 26"tall.  They are all one piece. If you love it and gotta have it call me at 480-298-0715 or email me at  Thanks so much

white 5 droor dresser

This piece is just a simple 5 droor dresser that I hand painted white and then lightly distressed. I refinished the origional hardware with exception of the second droor (i have the original if you prefer that for the second droor instead). It is really well made and sturdy and would make a great addition to any kids room boy or girl. I am asking $90 and it measures 29"wide, 41"tall and 15"deep. Call me 480-298-0715 or email me at if you LOVE it!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The leftovers

The sale this weekend was a big big success! It was so so nice to meet some of you and I hope you are enjoying your new stuff!!
There were however a few pieces leftover and in the spirit of ditching them I am offering them to you at the same super low sale price! Let me know if you are interested in anything call me at 480-298-0715 or email me at

This is a huge and pretty armoire that will fit a 42" tv. It is hand painted black with cream coming through on the distressed parts. I am asking $175 for it! (are you kidding me? stinkin cheap)

............................END TABLES SOLD.......................

These are the matching nightstands and I am asking $100 for both or $75 each

this table is chocolaate brown on top and cream and glazed on the legs. I think it would make an amazing Island or kitchen table. I am asking $100 for it.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Big Big Sale!!

Hey guys! So it turns out I am moving, well it is actually a good thing but, I have quite a bit of inventory and I am not interested in moving it!! This is where you all come in...I am going to have a big blow out sale at my house! So fun right? I have everything from bookcases to bedroom sets and accesories galore:) Well it is going to be this Friday the 14th and Saturday the 15th from 7:00am to 12:00pm! If you are interested in coming send me an email at and I will email you my address!! If you are one of my followers you will get an additional 10% off of your purchase! Yay see you all friday!

So I thought I would help out and if you don"t get a chance to email me you should know my crossroads are Pecos/Higley and my nieghborhood is called Sam Tan Ranch. There will be Neon signs posted everywhere so you should be able to find it super easy! Feel free to email me if you still want the address!!! See you tomorrow!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

custom pieces


 This beautiful gray bench was my first of its kind and took a lot of help from my husband but I think it turned out pretty dand cute (I actually really wanted to keep it for myself...shocker) but it looks beautiful in Lindsay's kitchen and so there it shall stay:)

Blue TV console

I LOVE this piece so so much! It was so fun to paint and took a lot of hard work and some creativity! Hope Nicole is enjoying it and that you all are too!

Friday, September 16, 2011

aqua bookshelf

I love this fun and beachy looking bookcase! It would be perfect addition to any of those small hard to fill spaces in your home. It is handpainted and then distressed to perfection (if I do say so myself). It was topped with polyurethane and has fun wooden knobs. It measures 30"wide 18"deep and is 70"tall. I am asking $150.00. If you love it and gotta have it call me at (480) 298 0715 or email me at Thanks so much!!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

black and cream shelf

This is a really fun re-purposed piece. In its first life it was a headboard for what I am sure was some water bead, but when I found it I thought it would be better turned into a dreamy chuncky shelf! It is black and cream with black wrought iron knobs on it, It was hand painted and topped with polyurethane. It has 5 different hanging hooks on the back and is surprisingly easy to get hung on the wall.

It measures 74"long 32"tall and 9" deep. If you love it and you gotta have it call me at 480-298-0715 or email me at Thanks

back in business: Lane Hope Chest

This is a beautiful hand painted Lane hope chest. It is cedar lined and has original lock and key. The paper work is also still inside. It is black distressed on the top and sealed with polyurethane and the base is a camel/tan color with little bits of red showing through on the sanded areas. It is also topped with polyurethane. This really is the perfect hope chest to give a loved one to keep their priceless treasures in. I did my research and they sell for up to $900, so you are getting a really good deal!!

it measures 44"long 16"deep and 20" tall.  I am asking $550

If you Love it and gotta have it email me at or call me at 480-298-0715. Thanks

Sunday, August 21, 2011

I am a terrible blogger right now and I am so so sorry! We had a vacation and then moved into our new house!!!! So we have been crazy busy putting our lives back together! On top of that I can not find our Internet modem and wireless router and I am refusing at the moment to buy another one (for like 150 bucks!!) until I have opened every box and am sure I don't already have one!! I crazy or would you all do the same thing? Anyway I am indeperate need of some new posts and I am currently working on s custom piece right now but I promise my life and this blog will get back to normal asap!!! Thank you so much for your patience! I will do a give away to make it up to you! Thank you!

Friday, July 29, 2011

chalck board door

I have another one!! This is a beautiful blue chalck board door that was glazed and topped with polyurethane. I distressed it and added the fun knob hook and scrolll!! I thought this could also be cute in a bathroom with a hand towel on it and a night time check list written in chalk (ie brush teeth, wash face) cute right? Well whatever you decide to do, it is sure to add some shabby chic charm to your home!!
It measures 18" wide and 79" tall and I am asking $85 for it! If you love it call me at 480-298-0715 or email me at bennettjade Thanks

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

temple picture

Here is an amazing little treat brought to you by the AMAZING She is litterally a genius and takes all kinds of beautiful photographs (so go check out her blog right now) but today she is offering you this picture of the Mesa Temple to you alll! (see the bottom of the post for measurements and details.) She is asking $200 so as usual if you love it and gotta have it email me at or call me at 480-298-0715! Thanks

20x30 Mesa Arizona Temple Print with Custom frame

Moulding is a chunky 7" wide

Making the complete frame and print 43 1/2 inches long and 33 1/2 inches tall and 3 inches deep. it's a beast!

Frame was painted black and then teal. we distressed it to let the black show through and then added a dark glaze. finished off by a coat of polyurathane.