Saturday, May 21, 2011

dresser, buffet, console...

I am not the kind of person who likes to put furniture into one specific category. I believe each piece has an endless list of possible homes and functions. Although this piece may look like a simple six drawer dresser, I can imagine in underneath a t.v. in your family room storing all your dvd"s and electronics, or in your dinning room storing all your fancy dishes. I even love it in your entry way with a mirror over it storing all of the "stuff" that you can"t find a place for. So what I am saying is don't limit your furniture to only one function, let your imagination tell you where else it might work in your home! (now that that is off my chest I feel so much better!:))
This piece took a lot of hard work and hours in the garage. It was so ornate and beautiful I wanted to make sure and play up all of it's unique features. The body was painted cream and then aged with a glaze. The top was brushed with a black wash so that some of the original wood would show through. I kept the original hardware because it was my favorite thing and just spruced it up with some black wash as well. It measures 32"tall, 72"wide and 20"deep.  So as always if you are interested call me at
480-298-0715 0r e-mail me at

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